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Restoration & Servicing

Classic Mechanical Restoration

Mechanical restoration is a specialist undertaking.

It’s a skill that calls for patience, dedication and improvisation - Most of all it takes passion.


A restoration project can vary from a day’s work to months in the workshop - be it a full restoration from start to finish, assisting with the more technical aspects of the project, or polishing off the finer details. David is as dedicated to your classic restoration project as you are and will consult with you at every step of the way.


Servicing, General Repairs & Maintenance

Regular servicing is commonly overlooked by classic car owners because they often have low kilometres and aren’t on the roads every day. But it’s just as important for classic cars as it is for modern cars.


After all the care and investment that goes into a restoration project, an avoidable breakdown during an outing is the last thing you want. Regular servicing will help keep your vehicle in optimum condition, so that all you have left to worry about is remembering to pack a picnic basket and a bottle opener.


Registration Inspections

David Wiggins Classic Mechanical (David Wiggins Automotive Services Pty Ltd) is an

Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) 

and an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS).

Registration requirements for classic vehicles can very depending on your chosen type of registration.

When applying for NSW Conditional Registration eg. Historic Registration, it is important to know which historic registration scheme (HVS or CVS) your vehicle is eligible for.

Modified classic vehicles (CVS) require a few more steps and may require certification by an engineer before passing inspection and applying for NSW Conditional Registration.

Transport for NSW has introduced new rules concerning modifications to classic cars recently so it is vital to understand which registration rules apply to your classic vehicle. 
We are keeping up to date as much as possible with these changing rules and conditions to ensure our customer vehicles are placed on the correct and legal registration.

If your classic vehicle is unregistered and/or you have purchased it interstate or internationally it will require a Blueslip Inspection. In some cases certification by an engineer may be required.


We’ll help make sure you have the right registration requirements for your car.

Please call our office if we can be of any assistance.


David Wiggins Classic Mechanical

"David treats our 1949 MGY named 'Harold' as if it was his own. His conscientious workmanship has had our MG running extremely well. When the time came for a new motor and renewing other mechanical components after 25 years on the road as second car, I had no hesitation in asking David to do the work on our MG. The new motor already demonstrates the high quality of his work. He has also taken great care in sourcing the necessary parts and working through his mechanical restoration process with us. I know when the job is done it will have been done right and that David will stand behind his work." 

- T. Peitsch, Wollongong NSW

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