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David Wiggins

Classic Car Mechanical & Restoration Specialist

A Car Enthusiast is Born

David’s passion for classic cars first started during his childhood years when his dad restored an old Ford A Model. He remembers watching him work on it out in the back paddock, following him around any chance he could, watching over his shoulder as he tinkered with the engine.


The experience sparked a life-long interest in classic vehicles and eventually he bought his first car, a Ford Prefect. Before long the back paddock was filled with other restoration projects: an Austin, a Pontiac and various models of his all-time favourite, the EJ Holden.


His dad still owns the Ford to this day.





















David’s mechanic career began as soon as he was old enough to be employed in a workshop. He then opened his first business David Wiggins Automotive Services in 1985 and built a trusting and loyal clientele.


His love of classic vehicles was always there in the background, though, and while the bulk of cars that came through the workshop were modern vehicles, there was often the odd classic car on the hoist. David’s reputation for classic restoration grew, along with the demand for his expertise.



David Wiggins Classical Mechanical

As the business expanded the time came to shift gears and change direction. In 2014, after almost 30 years of looking after entire generations of family cars, David finally took the plunge and opened David Wiggins Classic Mechanical.


The culmination of a lifetime’s work and passion, the new workshop has been buzzing with cars and restoration projects ever since. The support from clientele and fellow car enthusiasts has been both overwhelming and humbling. 


Located just south of Wollongong, in Yallah, it’s the Illawarra’s only workshop dedicated to classic car mechanical restoration. David welcomes all classic makes and models - although he has to admit there’s always a certain special spark when he sees an early Holden come through the workshop doors.


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